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Experience and Precision


We at M&M Restoration and Construction have 23 years of knowledge in construction and restoration. We believe in honesty and longevity for the work we supply to the community. We have detailed estimates that will tell you where every penny is being spent; we do not over estimate supplies to increase cost for profit as other companies sometimes do. When estimate is accepted by our clients we supply a detailed itemized list of supplies needed to complete your construction and or restoration needs.

When there is a need for “supplies not mentioned in contract” our clients will be notified before purchases are made. The reason behind (“supplies not mentioned on contract”) are listed below:

1) Unseen damages to decking on a roof

2) Damages to supplies by delivery personnel or in store packaging issues. (This is usually handled by the product returned to store for replacement)

3) Rotted wood that will not hold paint, a nail, a screw and or support the structure in which it is meant to.

4) The State of Georgia has building codes that must be upheld for your safety and ours, replacement of structural wood is not costly but practical.

5) Client changes dimensions of structure; this may require additional materials.

We at M&M Restoration know the current economical status of our time. For this very reason we try to find ways to keep costs down while still maintaining quality work. We research product lines that will best suit the needs desired by our Customers. Not only do we find ways to keep costs down, but also have reasonable payment plans available for those who have restoration or construction needs but may not have the economic freedom at this time.

For this reason “We” consider ourselves the best choice for

Your Restoration and Construction Demands….




M&M Restoration and Construction strongly believe in honesty and integrity. What does this means to us? We are aware of other companies who at times have taken advantage of both the young and older consumer. We believe in a hard days work for a hard days pay. We do not take short cuts to increase profit and or to ease the process of the job. Most companies and contractors don't like the home owner on the job while in progress; This is not our way, we are completely in favor of honest interaction from customers. In doing this we feel it only increases customer satisfaction and a job well done.

 “Happiness is not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort.”

Franklin D. Roosevelt (1882-1945);
32nd U.S. President

    We enjoy seeing the smiles and customer approval. A smile can be passed on and this makes for a better community. This is just one reason we try to achieve the best outcome possible on any and all jobs acquired.